News and Updates

17th of October 2017 - Nightmare Nights panel:


At this year's Dallas based event, Nightmare Nights, we will be hosting a panel. You will be able to find us at 1 PM on Saturday in the Mane Hall. We will be promoting the project, talking about its goals and achievements, and answering your questions. We are looking forward to seeing you all there. :)



17th of October 2017 - The current state of affairs:


In the first crowdfunding campaign you have donated amazing two thousand dollars. This money have been used to cover the expenses of a professional transcription into a playable score. For this we have hired renowned US based musician, Steve Aho (, who has co-worked with such names as John Williams, Adele, Jason Mraz and many many others. We are communicating with Steve during the process and together finding ways to make the final score as close to the original composition as possible. The score should be completed in the first half of November.


There is also an animation in the making by the talented animator Bori. This animation will serve as an informative video for the second crowdfunding campaing, and it will be voiced by another talented artist, Wubcake. Another two talented artists who lent their skill to our cause are Wolfie Drawie, who kindly created a poster design for us, and Humberto Mena (aka Rainbow Dash), who made a wonderful design for our leaflets. We want to thank all these artists for their great work.