About The Project

MelodicPony has on several occasions jokingly mentioned how amazing it would be if his music could be performed and recoreded by a live orchestra. This dream of his is no simple task, and although there have been attempts at fulfilling it during his life, none of them came to fruition.

When we learned about his untimely passing in Summer of 2016, we knew something had to be done to at least partially repay him for all the beauty and joy he gave us through his music. An international friendship of Kelly French and Česlav „Aelipse“ Řehák gave rise to a project, whose goal it is to have one of MelodicPony’s compositions transcribed into a playable score, and then have it performed and recorded (audio and video) by a live orchestra. Everything fully professional. The goal is to posthumously fulfil MelodicPony's dream and produce a video of the performance in superb quality published on youtube and elsewhere for everyone to see and enjoy.

The piece we selected for the performance is the Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite. We are aiming at hiring the Prague Symphony Orchestra, because that's the one MelodicPony kept mentioning. The spokesman of the orchestra has already agreed to find some recording time for us.

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