About MelodicPony


You probably know him under his creative pseudonym MelodicPony, which he used for publishing his music. His other pseudonym he would use often in discussions and in online fantasy worlds was Aryon, or Ary for short. 


His real name was Martin and he was born on 10th of April 1988 in Prague, Czech Republic, where he was brought up and spent most of his life.

Martin played the piano from the age of 4 and attended choir singing lessons for several years during his childhood, quitting only because of disagreements with the choir principal. He had a perfect pitch hearing, being able to recognise any tone just from the sound, and most likely was gifted with eidetic memory as well, being able to learn everything for the finals in a single night. He was a brilliant student, graduating high school with nothing but As.

Martin was very creative from his early childhood, building complex structures out of lego in his youngest years and later on expressing his creativity in graphic design and animation. He spent most of his free time playing online computer games (WOW, Lineage and many others), which he would usually do during the night, but was also passionate about fantasy and sci-fi films and series (Star Trek being one of his most favourite franchises alongside with The Lord of the Rings). After 2010 he started falling in love with animation, animated films and series (he would go see Tangled in theatres four times and Frozen even eleven times). At the end of 2011 he discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and became a fan.

At about the same time he started dipping his toes into virtual music production, being musically gifted as he was, and soon thought about connecting his love for the cartoon pony show with his passion for music composition. When he first published his own piece, an orchestral version of the Winter Wrap Up song, he had written only a handful of „practice“ pieces. The level of expertise it takes most musicians years to acquire he reached in a couple of weeks due to his amazing talent, patience, meticulousness and perfectionism.

Martin since then published the total of six orchestral compositions, each of them noticeably more sophisticated and skillfully crafted than the last, only taking his favourite themes from the show as building blocks around which he developed and expressed his own original ideas. It took him between 30 to 50 hours of work on each piece, and despite putting so much effort into them, you would never see him brag about his creations.

While he spoke volumes through his music, he seldom talked on his channels or in discussions, only showing up from time to time to check the news and answer the questions directed to him by his fans. His last appearence on the brony forum was on the 4th of December 2014. He died eight days later, 12th of December 2014, of a stroke. He was 26 years old.